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About Us

Hey guys, i'm Dhillan Bhardwaj, CEO and Founder of Ratchet Clothing.

I decided to quit college to start a unique and affordable unisex clothing brand for people who wanted more than what you would find on the high street.

I've never gone to a fashion school nor did I study anything to do with fashion, sometimes I ask how I even go to where I am today. I taught myself everything when it came to tie dye. Because every item is handmade, they all looked the same but they were not all the same, every item was different in its own quirky way.

Every item we sell on Ratchet Clothing is hand dyed, hand made and hand printed. From start to finish we pride ourselves in creating every individual item differently.

I started Ratchet when I was 16 years old, my weekend job was washing cars at my uncle's garage for £1 a car. From 2012 Ratchet has been worn by Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Drake, Rihanna and more. I got invited to David Cameron's house when he was our Prime Minister for tea (it was very average).

Our brand has always grown organically, our customers are more like a big family, they've supported me since day 1.

I've always said Ratchet has gotten to where it is today because I involve my customers in everything I do. What I achieve in the brand is what we've all achieved, I wouldn't be where I am today with the support of you all.